Entepreneurs on the ascent

20.05.2021 16:53:00

Entrepreneurs on the ascent

In Ravensburg, not far from the city center, the Rheinländer retail store presents and stages the fascinating world of Montblanc. As an online retailer, the company is a European leader in the purchase and sale of Montblanc products of all kinds, specializing in limited edition writing instruments from the Hamburg-based brand.

The white star and the number 4810 - symbols of the global brand Montblanc - signalize the demand for perfection and quality. The founders of the brand realized early on that this claim should be enshrined in the brand name, which is why they chose the 4810-metre-high mountain peak in the French Alps, which is symbolically to be climbed anew every day. Based on this word mark, the Montblanc figurative mark was created with a slight delay. Since 1914, the white star has symbolized the snow-covered summit of Mont Blanc, from which six valleys lead off in all directions. This Montblanc myth fascinated Michael Rhein-Länder, the founder of the company, from an early age. As a 15-year-old, he bought a Montblanc 'masterpiece' with his pocket money, laying the foundation for his later professional success. His first trade in Montblanc products quickly developed on various online platforms.

What began as a hobby became a profession in 2005 with the founding of Handelshaus Rhein-länder. As a result, the business with the 'white star' developed exceptionally well, both nationally and globally. Another milestone was reached when Patrick Huber joined the company as an additional partner and managing director and the company was converted into a corporation at the beginning of last year. Today, the company's customers include not only private individuals but also commercial users as part of incentive and promotion programs, collectors and, increasingly, personalities who are looking for sustainable investments that retain their value. On request, Handelshaus Rheinländer also provides market-adequate advice on building up new collections and supplementing existing ones, because it is familiar with and competent in this field. The now 7-strong team looks forward to welcoming interested customers to the attractive business and showrooms in Ravensburg.www.montblanc-pen.de