Montblanc Meisterstück Great Characters

Even the classic Meisterstück was and is an iconic work of art. And has been since its introduction in 1924, so it is not surprising that it has found a stage alongside Great Masters in the Museum of Modern Art, among other places. The Meisterstück Great Masters collection has added another facet to the idea of master craftsmanship since 2010. It combines Montblanc's ambition to create masterly writing instruments with the special expertise, tradition and perfection of other artisanal disciplines of comparably iconic quality. The Meisterstück L'Aubrac Special Edition pays tribute to the distinctive knives forged at Laguiole in the south of France. Its grenadilla wood body is visually and haptically reminiscent of the handle scales of the knives from the world-famous knife forge in Aubrac.

The Great Masters Pirelli Limited Edition, with its rubber body with a tyre-tread appearance, evokes associations with motor sport and the tyre company that has been among the absolute top in this field for decades: Pirelli. With the Special Edition Great Masters James Purdey and Sons, one almost thinks one hears the typical tallyho of the hunt. Remember the typical Purdey shooting star, the processed walnut wood and the typical inlays of the hunting weapons of the Maisons James Purdey and Sons. And last but not least: Meissen or Meissen porcelain. Since 1710, this manufactory has stood for extraordinary creations made of white gold or kaolin from the mine belonging to the manufactory. The crossed blue swords on a snow-white background enjoy a worldwide reputation and have stood for top quality for over 300 years. Accordingly, they can also be found on the caps of the piston fountain pens or rollerballs in the Montblanc Masters for Meisterstück Meissen Porcelain collection.