Montblanc Patron of Arts

01.03.2024 12:11:00

For twenty-two years now since 1992, Montblanc’s Patrons of Arts collection has been a sign of respect to all famous men and women who supported art. The Patron of Art series by Montblanc is not only an epitome of luxury but also embodies the eternal mythologization between art and its sponsors. Each piece in the collection epitomizes Montblanc’s skilled artistry combined with deep honor for significant historical personalities who have influenced their era’s culture beyond redemption.

Craftsmanship and Design: A Homage to Historical Excellence

Montblanc's unparalleled craftsmanship drives the Patron of Arts collection. Every pen is a vivid proof of Montblanc’s meticulousness; it shows how skillful their artisan are. Each single element from material choice to the most intricate designs, has been carefully selected to reflect the characters and deeds of patrons that inspired its creation.

For example, Lorenzo de Medici pen which began this series had an octagonal body made with sterling silver inlays as well as other details that were highly influenced by architectural and art preferences existing in Renaissance period. The Alexander the Great pen, on the other hand, has marbled lacquer body covered with golden veins just like what could be associated with lavishness and magnificent lifestyle of one of history’s greatest conqueror.


A surface for the patrons of history.

The Patron of Arts series goes beyond its intended use and emerges as a narrative device on which to tell stories about the personalities it is named after. Each edition explores the life and works of a patron in depth, from ancient patrons like Gaius Maecenas – the first patron in the Roman era, who laid foundation for patronage – to modern donors like Andrew Carnegie, whose support for libraries and cultural institutions has remained indelible.

This compilation also acknowledges significant but unsung individuals such as Peggy Guggenheim, one of modern art's doyens, and Sir Henry Tate whose name appears in one of London’s most notable galleries. Montblanc does not intend only to glorify these individuals through these pens but also to teach today’s youth about why they ought to support artistic work.

The pens in the Patron of Arts series are extremely sought-after by collectors not only for their aesthetic and historical value. There are limited editions of 4810, 888 pieces, and others that are even rarer such as artisan versions; these make them exclusive treasures which appreciate over time. Such works of art create a competition among aficionados worldwide to have it in its original packaging, sealed forever thus increasing its worth a hundred fold.

The Last Act of Montblanc’s Patronage and Beginning of A New Book

When the Victoria and Albert edition marked the end of the Patron Of Arts series in 2022, it was an emotional moment for Montblanc as well as all collectors and enthusiasts around the world. This is because this edition honors one of Britain’s most iconic leaders with her husband who also happened to be a royal consort, therefore summing up the last thirty years of art being sponsored by patrons.

As Montblanc gives hints about a new line in the year 2023 following the completion of the Patron of Arts range; its influence still echoes on. This collection stands as evidence to show that Montblanc values perfection beyond luxury writing materials only but acknowledges how arts patronage enriches human culture enormously.


A Tribute to the Spirit of Patronage

The Montblanc Patron of Arts series is not just a line of expensive pens, but rather a manifestation of respect for the spirit of patronage that has driven art for ages. This collection by Montblanc has woven together a tapestry involving history, art and craftsmanship that pays homage to men and women who have nourished creative endeavors during their own time. The Patron of Arts collection remains an everlasting symbol of all those who have ever loved or supported arts as well as a torchbearer as we look forward to what’s next in terms of Montblanc’s cultural patronage.

Montblanc Patron of Arts releases
  1. 1992: Lorenzo de Medici – The Magnificent, an influential figure of the Italian Renaissance.
  2. 1993: Octavian Augustus – The founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor.
  3. 1994: Louis XIV – The Sun King, known for his patronage of the arts in France.
  4. 1995: The Prince Regent (George IV) – A patron of the arts and known for the Regency era's cultural expansion in the UK.
  5. 1996: Semiramis – The legendary Assyrian queen known for her contributions to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  6. 1997: Catherine II – Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia who was a significant supporter of the arts.
  7. 1998: Alexander the Great – The King of Macedonia, known for his conquests and cultural influence.
  8. 1999: Friedrich II – Frederick the Great, King of Prussia and a patron of German enlightenment.
  9. 2000: Peter the Great – The Tsar of Russia known for Westernizing Russia and supporting the arts.
  10. 2001: Marquise de Pompadour – A member of the French court and a significant patron of the arts and Enlightenment ideas.
  11. 2002: Andrew Carnegie – The American industrialist who significantly contributed to the expansion of the public library system in the US and the arts.
  12. 2003: Nicolaus Copernicus – The Renaissance mathematician and astronomer who made an epochal contribution to the arts and sciences.
  13. 2004: J.P. Morgan – The American financier and banker who was also a significant collector and patron of the arts.
  14. 2005: Pope Julius II – Known as the "Warrior Pope," he was a significant patron of the arts and commissioned the rebuilding of St. Peter's Basilica.
  15. 2006: Sir Henry Tate – The English sugar merchant and philanthropist, founder of the Tate Gallery in London.
  16. 2007: Alexander von Humboldt – The Prussian polymath, geographer, and patron of scientific exploration.
  17. 2008: François I – The King of France, known for initiating the French Renaissance by attracting many Italian artists to his court.
  18. 2009: Max von Oppenheim – A German scholar, diplomat, and archaeologist known for his contributions to Middle Eastern history and art.
  19. 2010: Elizabeth I – The Queen of England and Ireland, known for her patronage of the arts, which led to the Elizabethan Renaissance.
  20. 2011: Gaius Maecenas – An advisor to the Roman Emperor Augustus and a significant patron of the arts, giving his name to the term "Maecenas."
  21. 2012: Joseph II – The Holy Roman Emperor known for his enlightened reforms and support of the arts.
  22. 2013: Ludovico Sforza – Duke of Milan, known for his patronage of Leonardo da Vinci and other artists of the Italian Renaissance.
  23. 2014: Henry E. Steinway – The founder of Steinway & Sons, a company known for making some of the world's finest pianos.
  24. 2015: Luciano Pavarotti – The renowned Italian operatic tenor, known for his philanthropy and contribution to the arts.
  25. 2016: Peggy Guggenheim – The American art collector, bohemian, and socialite who was a significant patron of modern art.
  26. 2017: Scipione Borghese – The Italian Cardinal, art collector, and patron of the arts in Baroque Rome.
  27. 2018: Ludwig II – The King of Bavaria, known for his extravagant castles and patronage of Richard Wagner.
  28. 2019: Hadrian – Roman Emperor known for his contributions to the arts, architecture, and culture of the Roman Empire.
  29. 2020: Moctezuma I – The Aztec ruler known for his influence on Aztec society and culture.
  30. 2021: Napoleon Bonaparte – The French military leader and emperor known for his significant impact on the arts in France and Europe.
  31. 2022: Victoria & Albert – Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert, known for their significant cultural influence and patronage of the arts during the Victorian era.