Men of the Month: Michael Rheinländer and Patrick Huber

19.11.2020 19:41:00

The myth of Montblanc is known to mountaineers as one of the most beautiful and highest mountains in the Alps and to lovers of fine writing instruments as the exquisite and world-famous brand for fountain pens and ballpoint pens for generations.
and world-famous brand for fountain pens and ballpoint pens for generations.

Only insiders know, however, that selected and very rare Montblanc writing instruments can be a very discreet investment with exciting potential for value growth.
A good reason for our editorial team to take a closer look at this topic.

In our search for experts with expertise and experience in this market, over the past few months we have had the pleasure of meeting Michael Rheinländer and Patrick Huber from the
Handelshaus Rheinländer ( over the past few months and were able to be inspired by the beauty of the writing instruments as well as the potential for investment.

Fulfillment of a dream
Michael discovered his passion for Montblanc pens as a 15-year-old, when he scraped together his pocket money without his parents' knowledge to secretly buy a masterpiece.

The first purchase was not only the fulfillment of a dream, but also the starting signal for his professional success story. Now that Michael Rheinländer was completely gripped by the Montblanc myth, he began to buy, refurbish and collect various writing instruments from the brand at flea markets. What particularly fascinated him about Montblanc was that up to that point, he was not aware of any luxury segment in which the market share of a single brand was perceived to be as high as in writing instruments. Montblanc's market share for writing instruments in the price range from 1,500 euros is over 90%.

Driven by curiosity, the first Montblanc products were traded on the online marketplace Ebay. Immediately after the first sales, Michael Rheinländer was certain: Montblanc writing instruments are bought almost without exception by very successful people. This confirmed the preconceived notion that lawyers, doctors, tax consultants, entrepreneurs, etc. always sign their names with Montblanc fountain pens in various television films and series. Further research revealed that even the German Bundestag is equipped with the high-quality products and that all state treaties are signed exclusively with Montblanc writing instruments.

As dealing with these special customers was a great pleasure and the founder found the clientele very pleasant, Michael immersed himself deeper and deeper into the subject and began dealing full-time with Montblanc products on a commercial basis in 2005. Now in his 16th business year, Michael, together with Patrick Huber who joined later, is one of the world's most sought-after experts in this segment. As a great Montblanc enthusiast, Patrick contributes his knowledge in almost all facets of the commercial sector based on his business administration studies to the international orientation of Handelshaus Rheinländer GmbH.

The company moved into its current business premises, including an attractive showroom, in Ravensburg in April 2015. Handelshaus Rheinländer is happy to welcome its customers there in person by appointment and give them a live presentation of the product range on offer.

Montblanc fountain pens as an investment

You are probably wondering what kind of return you can expect from the purchase of such a masterful writing instrument. We would like to demonstrate this to you using a concrete example:

This writing instrument is dedicated to one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, Ernest Hemingway. The object dates from 1992 and was the first writing instrument in the "Writers Edition Series". The issue price was the equivalent of less than EUR 500. Today, these are traded in a price range of EUR 3,300 to 3,500.

1992 was an important year in the history of Montblanc - in addition to the first edition of the Writers Edition series, it was also the year in which the "Patron of Art series" was born. These special, strictly limited edition fountain pens honor important patrons who have rendered an important service to art and culture far beyond their time.

The Montblanc Shakespeare is particularly noteworthy in connection with the "Writers Edition Series":

It is a prime example of Montblanc's unique position on the writing instruments market: the Montblanc William Shakespeare fountain pen, which was released in 2016, is limited to 1597 pieces and was a groundbreaking success worldwide. The issue price was EUR 3,700, today it goes for upwards of EUR 11,500 over the counter.

The increases in value identified here are congruent with the latest statistics. These report an annual growth rate of 5% in the luxury writing instrument segment.

Compared to other sectors, this is well above average. This development is based, among other things, on the fact that the target group is growing rapidly worldwide. In addition, investors are very well protected against inflationary risks with such an investment, which are expected by more and more market participants due to the expansive monetary policy in the course of overcoming the coronavirus crisis. Protection against crisis scenarios such as gold bans and compulsory levies, which have recently been repeatedly discussed in specialist circles, should also be provided in a charming way.

In addition to traditional collectors and lovers of older objects, the diverse group of buyers has so far included business and private customers who intend to give Montblanc writing instruments as gifts to their customers, employees or friends. Since, as described above, the interest of capital investors is also growing strongly, the turnover and infrastructure of the Rheinländer trading house has been growing continuously for years in line with demand. Turnover, which was once around 100,000 euros at the start of commercial operations in 2005, will be over 3 million euros in the 2020 financial year.

This size and the well-stocked warehouse as well as the ability to deliver make buying online a pleasant buying experience for prospective customers who know what they want. As numerous reviews show, the goods arrive quickly, reliably and in first-class condition.

If you would like advice, you can contact Michael Rheinländer either by telephone or, by prior appointment, in person in Ravensburg, whose professional advice is highly valued by numerous buyers.

And anyone who currently owns a Montblanc writing instrument and is thinking about selling it will also find Michael Rheinländer and Patrick Huber to be highly competent contacts for valuation and resale. All parties are in the same boat and are interested in achieving the best possible selling price.

In conclusion, our editorial team agrees with the numerous exclusively positive customer reviews. With Michael Rheinländer and Patrick Huber, interested parties not only have two very competent, but also likeable, reliable and trustworthy contacts on this topic.

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